Bariatric surgeons discuss recent gastric sleeve statistics

According to the most recent statistics from the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), obesity is a life-threatening disease that currently affects over 33% of all adults in the U.S., while 5% of the population is considered morbidly obese. With World Health Organization predictions estimating that by 2015, 700 million people will be obese, Drs. Marc Lussier and Michael Feiz, weight loss surgeons in Los Angeles, say there is a growing demand for bariatric procedures that can provide effective treatment for the deadly, obesity-related health conditions. Drs. Lussier and Feiz say thanks to innovative developments in surgical techniques through procedures such as the gastric sleeve, patients have an extensive array of treatments available to help get back on track towards a healthier life.

The ASMBS statistics also show that of the 15 million people with morbid obesity, less than 1% (220,000) of the clinically eligible population underwent a bariatric surgical procedure in 2009 to correct their condition, despite evidence from similar studies that report patients may improve their life expectancy by as much as 89% with surgery. However, Drs. Lussier and Feiz say their Los Angeles bariatric surgery practice has seen a dramatic increase in the number of gastric sleeve procedures over the past years as more patients have become familiar with the treatment and insurance companies have started including it in their coverage. Dr. Feiz says some of the enhanced benefits of the gastric sleeve procedure have led many patients to request it as an effective option for losing a significant amount of weight and avoiding future dangerous health concerns. The gastric sleeve has proven to be an effective way to reduce the risk of developing serious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and heart disease.

Performed by creating several small incisions and staples to remove part of the stomach, the gastric sleeve procedure allows patients to feel fuller after having consumed smaller portions, aiding in the loss of more drastic amounts of weight. As with any surgery, Dr. Feiz says his Los Angeles gastric sleevepatients may experience some discomfort and pain, but medication has been able to control these symptoms. Patients are expected to return to normal activities within one week of the procedure.

While weight loss surgery can be an effective treatment for obesity, Drs. Lussier and Feiz say the decision to undergo a procedure is not one that should be taken lightly. They recommend patients take the time to research all options thoroughly and consult with a board-certified surgeon before deciding on any surgery. Through partnership with a dedicated and experienced practice, Drs. Lussier and Feiz say patients can experience the benefits of a procedure like gastric sleeve in improving the health and overall quality of one’s life. They add that they are excited for the future of bariatric surgery as the industry continues to strive for the safest and most successful results for patients suffering from obesity.

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